HJA2906 Filter x 2

by Howdens

HJA2906 Pack of 2 Carbon Filters

Carbon filters have a limited life. We advise you to change them when there is a noticeable drop in performance. The intervals between changing the filter will depend entirely upon the amount of cooking you do, but on average they will last around six months.

Depending on the position of the extractor in the kitchen, there are two types of ducting kits available; rigid and flexible.

Recirculate air from a conventional or integrated kitchen extractor, minimising cooking smells with this two-pack of carbon filters.

For use in integrated or conventional extractors, this twin-pack of carbon filters helps remove cooking smells from the kitchen. The carbon molecules in the filter absorb impurities from the air whether recirculating the air or ducting it out of the kitchen. Replace the carbon filters in your kitchen’s conventional or integrated extractor every six months for consistently clean kitchen air.

  • Guarantee 1 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee

Product Code HJA2906

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