The We Love Kitchens Story

Tom Rochester-Peary (property developer/handyman) saw a need for a dedicated online store selling kitchen equipment at low retail prices – after costly home renovation projects and property development and got frustrated by the high prices and lack of choice when it came to home improvement on a budget.

"Having been a property developer and self-taught joiner for the last 10 years, I saw an opportunity to help people find appliances and accessories online. Whilst currently managing my own property portfolio and handling all renovations myself, I also help with the day-to-day organisation and management of We Love Kitchens.” – Tom Rochester-Peary

What I found was you either had to buy a complete package from a highstreet DIY retailer or dedicated kitchen fitter – which meant purchasing all the goods at inflated prices then having to pay the fitting fee too – or they had to become experts in researching the best value and highest quality kitchen equipment, then buy it first before the tradespeople became involved.

Naturally I chose the second option, and sourced all their kitchen and home improvement equipment at trade rates before paying an expert to install it. However, this approach takes time and can quickly become a hassle when trying to source everything yourself – especially with all the kit you need for your new kitchen.

And that’s why We Love Kitchens was founded – to help you save money on your kitchen build or replacement items, and avoid the hassle of finding the best products at the right price. On this site our team does all that for you – so you can get on with managing your project – and we take time to source and stock only the finest quality ovens, hobs and kitchen accessories from the low cost brands you can trust.

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