LAM1217 Lamona S/Steel 4 Zone Solid Hot Plate Hob 60cm

LAM1217 Lamona S/Steel 4 Zone Solid Hot Plate Hob 60cm


Make mealtimes more adventurous with this electric Lamona solid hot plate hob, with four cooking zones to juggle multiple pans and temperatures (r...

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Lamona Electric Hobs

Lamona Electric Hobs

Genuine Brand New Lamona Electric Hobs

For the latest in high quality Lamona electric hobs, look no further than the competitively priced range from We Love Kitchens.

We also stock electric hobs from brand name manufacturers such as Bosch, AEG and NEFF, so you’re sure to find something that fits your requirements. All orders come with full manufacturer warranties, and we can ship out to you on the same day if stocks allow. So what are you waiting for? Shop now in our secure online store and find the electric hob you need.

Buy A High-Quality Lamona Electric Hob For Your Kitchen

Lamona is a respected manufacturer that caters to the needs of countless consumers all throughout the United Kingdom. The brand is known for kitchen appliances that are the epitome of strong in quality. Lamona’s appliances are powerful, reliable and efficient. They, at the same time, are also full of style bonuses. If you’re looking for an electric hob that’s both functional and easy on the eyes, you won’t be able to say no to Lamona. Why exactly are electric hobs necessary, anyway? Cleaning them, first and foremost, is simple. They heat up rapidly. More and more people everywhere are turning to electric hobs over their gas counterparts as well. If you want to invest in a first-class electric hob that’s fantastic value for your money, you need to see what Lamona has in store for you.

The Lamona Electric Hob: Simple But Refined

This electric hob is pretty self-explanatory. It’s an electric hob through and through. It was produced using stainless steel that’s powerful, durable and sturdy as can be. Since it’s made entirely out of stainless steel, it has a cool and timeless appearance that can be ideal for all types of kitchens. If you want to give your kitchen a subtle yet modern touch, this electric hob should be able to do the job. If you want to give your kitchen design scheme a more classic vibe, on the other hand, you should be able to accomplish that goal quite easily as well. This hob doesn’t take away from other kitchen style components. It contributes to an atmosphere that’s sophisticated yet unassuming as well.

This hob comes with a total of four burners. One of the burners is a basic one. The remaining three are rapid ones. This product is 580mm in width and 510mm in depth. If you decide to purchase this, you don’t have to feel panic or uncertainty. That’s because Lamona offers a two year guarantee for it. That means that you’re guaranteed for two years, no less than that. If you receive your Lamona electric hob and notice any defects, irregularities or inconsistencies, you can take it easy and make use of your warranty. The process is truly that simple and stress-free.

Lamona Electric Hob Features

If you’re planning a big formal dinner and have no time to waste, this fast shipping can be a lifesaver. This product is equipped with a single basic hot plate. It has three rapid hot plates as well. That means that it can be fantastic for users who want to attain cooking outcomes that are flawless. If you’re sick and tired of inconsistencies in your meal preparation duties, the combination of rapid and standard hot plates can help you in a big way. Lamona electric hobs can do a lot for households of all kinds. They can be excellent for people who do a lot of casual meal preparation, but they can be great for more elaborate meals too.

Lamona Electric Hob Deliveries

You don’t have to worry about getting your Lamona electric hob on time, either. If you don’t want to wait around for your sparkling new Lamona appliance, simply request our same day delivery service. and we’ll work hard to get it there on the same day if stocks allow. If you buy from We Love Kitchens, you can also rest assured that all products are genuine and come with full manufacturer warranties and guarantees – so shop now in our SSL encrypted online store and you’ll be unboxing your new Lamona electric hob in no time.


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