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Lamona Extractor Fans: Impressive Choices

Lamona is a beloved British brand that’s a big player in the kitchen appliance universe. It manufactures refrigerators, hobs, ovens, dishwashers and extractors galore. Lamona’s options in extractor fans are plentiful and impressive. Extractor fans can do so much for kitchens. They can help eliminate undesirable, unpleasant and lingering smells. If you want to say goodbye to food odours that are persistent and unwelcoming, the addition of a Lamona extractor fan can easily and speedily do the trick. These fans can even offer invaluable safety advantages. That’s because they offer indispensable fire prevention benefits. If you’re looking to explore all of the latest and greatest options in extractor fans, you should take a look at Lamona’s fine selection as soon as possible.

Lamona Stainless Steel 60cm Chimney Extractor

This extractor fan is made out of stainless steel that boasts a charming, refined and cool appeal. It gives people access to many convenient and stress-free features. This fan has push button controls, first and foremost. These controls make operating the extractor fan simple and basic. It has a pair of 40W lights for enhanced viewing applications. It even has grease filters that can easily be washed. It, last but not least, has ducting kits for duct out needs. If you want to be able to use this extractor fan, you need a carbon filter for recirculation.

This extractor fan is distinctive thanks to its attractive and striking curved glass. It has two 20W lights, push button controls and a washable grease filter. It’s between 534 and 1,000mm tall, 600mm wide and 500mm deep. It’s a pleasant combination of transparent glass and stainless steel. Note that this extractor fan’s dimensions take glass into consideration.

Lamona Touch Control T-Box Extractor

This Lamona extractor fan has two 3.5W LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. It also has washable grease filters, touch control and a ducting kit. It has a strong visual appeal thanks to its marriage of black glass and stainless steel. It’s between 680 and 930mm tall, 600mm wide and 475mm deep.

Lamona 90cm Flat Glass Extractor

This extractor fan lives up to its ‘flat glass’ name. It prominently puts flat glass on display. Features of this fan are push button controls, a washable grease filter and a pair of 20W lights. It’s between 585 and 1,030mm tall, 900mm wide and 500mm deep. It mixes elements of transparent glass and stainless steel.

Lamona Black 70cm Angled Extractor

This is an extractor fan that has a conspicuous angle. It gives users three convenient options in fan speeds. It requires a 3 AMP supply. Other features of this extractor fan include built-in lighting, a timer and a remote control.

Lamona Stainless Steel Cylinder Island Extractor With Glass 60cm

This is a stainless steel product that has a modern and enticing appearance. It has three 1W LED lights, first of all. It has push button controls for extra convenience. It’s between 680 and 780mm tall. This height does not make the glass a factor. This extractor fan is appropriate for ceilings that are anywhere in the range of 2,303mm and 2,453mm tall. It has a washable grease filter, too.

Lamona Stainless Steel Cylinder Island Extractor With Glass 90cm

This Lamona extractor fan has a lot in common with the last one. The difference, however, is in the fact that it’s a little bigger. It’s a 90cm offering. The other one is 60cm. This fan has three 1W LED lights. It’s included grease filter is fully washable. It’s equipped with handy push button controls as well.

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