howdens fitted bathrooms

Howdens Fitted Bathrooms

Fitted bathrooms include furniture that can be attached to the floor and wall to provide a place to store toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials. They can be pre-assembled for a faster installation, or flat-packed, which is easier for manoeuvring in compact spaces. A neat and tidy room is an easy way to create a soothing space in which to relax and unwind in, and pipework can be concealed within bespoke cupboards to reduce visual clutter and provide plenty of space for keeping personal items out of sight. Tall and shallow options make the most of small rooms, and a choice of left or right opening orientations allow for a bespoke fit to be achieved in any layout. Discover a selection of framed, simple slab, and integrated designs, each of which comes in a variety of colours and materials to match any interior. A choice of finishes is also available, to help transform a room into an inviting and welcoming space to spend time in.

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