How To Choose The Right Taps & Sink To Complement Your Kitchen

How To Choose The Right Taps & Sink To Complement Your Kitchen

A new sink may not seem as high-tech as an oven or a microwave; however it can actually make or break the styling of your kitchen. Your choice of sink has a considerable visual impact on the overall effect – and a stand-out tap can make an eye-catching feature.

We’ll take you through the different options for choosing the right tap and sink for your kitchen, from size to material - to unexpected high-spec tap features.

Our range of quality taps and sinks will make you want to wash up.

Different Types Of Taps

At We Love Kitchens, we have a varied selection of kitchen taps. From elegant swan-neck taps to compact single levers, there are taps to suit every type of sink – and sink user.

Because believe it or not, many of us are pretty particular about what sort of tap we like. Some people prefer separate taps to mixers, while others have definite ideas about single levers or two lever handles. Then, do you prefer a low-profile design, or want to make a feature of your sink with a tall, arching tap?

To add to the mix, there are also taps with additional features, such as water filtration or spray functions.

High-End Taps

If you love a cool, refreshing glass of water, filter it directly from the tap with an option like this Triflow Newton C design. It has a three-lever operation: hot, cold and filtered. The Swiss-made filter cartridges are easy to change, and remove impurities down to 0.2 microns.

For a really high-tech tap, this tap from Acquapuro not only has a filter setting, but has a pull-down spray function for washing down. It’s also finished in attractive brushed steel.

Sometimes, however, you just want quality without bells and whistles. Try something like the Cubist-inspired monobloc Lamona Arona for statement elegance.

Best Value Taps

If you’re looking for a reliable, good value tap, there’s a lot to choose from. Our best-selling Arno range from Lamona comes in a choice of finishes, like this on-trend matte grey. Their single lever and flow design makes them easy to operate, and keeps your look uncluttered.

Stylish doesn’t mean expensive with We Love Kitchens. The brushed steel effect Alvo tap, again from Lamona, gives you that swan-neck elegance at a great price. An excellent choice for a modern kitchen.

Choosing The Right Style Sink

Keep your favourite taps in mind while we take a look at their washing-up partner, the kitchen sink. We have a wide choice of Lamona kitchen sinks, from the classic stainless steel bowl-and-drainer combo to statement black granite designs.

What do you need to think about when you’re choosing the right sink for your kitchen?

Stainless Steel, Composite Or Ceramic?

Stainless steel has become the classic modern-day kitchen sink. It’s easy to keep clean, is robust and looks great (especially when it’s freshly-wiped and shiny). It can also be a great value option: although, there are some pretty high-end stainless steel sinks out there, like the industrial-chic Easton single bowl.

Composite sinks are made from a mix of stone dust and acrylic resins, which are moulded into shape. They are tough and hygienic, and come in a wonderful array of colours and finishes. This retro cream granite composite sink would have a great impact in a vintage-style kitchen.

Finally, ceramic. The classic Belfast sink is a much-loved favourite for both kitchens and utility rooms (their depth makes them great all-round sinks). We also stock ceramic bowl-and-drainer sinks like this one, which are super-practical as well as attractive. They’re heavy sinks, so they’ll need a tough worktop.

Different Sizes Of Sink

Naturally, this depends on how much worktop you want to devote to your sink and drainer. There are compact sink options if space is at a premium, or you can go for a bowl and waste design if you have more room (and heavier washing up requirements). A smaller, round bowl with no drainer is ideal as a second sink (perhaps on the island unit?).

Rules For Matching Taps And Sinks

Firstly, get the scale right: a neat little single-lever tap won’t work with a Belfast-depth sink, and a tap with a spray option is frankly too splashy for a small, shallow bowl. Make sure a swan neck tap easily reaches both bowls if you have a double sink.

Then, think about colour and finish. If you have a shiny stainless steel bowl, match this with a polished effect tap – a brushed steel one will jar. On the other hand, a brushed one will look superb against most shades of granite composite. You can also have fun with the different Arno finishes, which can be matched to your tiles as well as your sink.

Finally, style. Team like with like. A Victorian swan neck tap with handles is perfect with your traditional Belfast sink, while the lovely Black Rhone tap makes a fashionable splash teamed with a black or white granite sink.

But as we said at the outset, everyone has their preferred type of tap. Choose the one you most want to use – and make doing the dishes a real pleasure.


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