Lamona Single Ovens

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Attractive and Resilient Single Ovens

First-Rate Choices in Lamona Single Ovens

Single ovens, in brief, are suitable for kitchens that can benefit from some extra space. If you adore your kitchen but sometimes feel that it’s a bit on the cramped and crowded side, a single oven can be an enormous help. Lamona is a widely known manufacturer that gives consumers many outstanding choices in single ovens. Consumers can choose between single fan ovens, single conventional ovens, pyrolytic ovens, side opening ovens and beyond.

Lamona Single Ovens in Many Convenient Sizes

Single ovens are made in many convenient and practical sizes. People can purchase single ovens that are 595mm tall, 594mm wide and 567mm deep. They can buy single ovens that are bigger or smaller than that as well. Single ovens can complement kitchens of all types. It doesn’t matter if a kitchen is futuristic, traditional or somewhere in the middle.

Lamona Single Oven Features

Single ovens from Lamona include all sorts of top-quality features. Examples of available single oven features are interior lights, LED (Light Emitting Diode) programmable timers, cooling fans, defrosting, fan grilling, glazed door glass and pyrolytic cleaning options. People who buy Lamona single ovens can pay for quick and stress-free same day delivery service.

Lamona Single Ovens: Contemporary Convenience in the Kitchen

Some Highlights From Our Collection…

The Lamona Single Fan Oven

The Single Fan Oven is a stainless steel beauty that can contribute to a kitchen that’s modern, efficient and ideal for multi-tasking. Size-wise, it’s 595mm tall, 594mm wide and 567mm deep. Notable features of this fan oven include interior door glass that’s removable, interior lighting and a cooling fan. It even has a timer that’s LED (Light Emitting Diode) programmable. Its cooking features are defrosting, fan grilling, variable grilling and, last but not least, fan cooking. This oven can accommodate traditional kitchen spaces perfectly.

The Lamona Fan Assisted Single Oven

The Fan Assisted Single Oven is exactly the same size as the aforementioned classic single fan oven. It has numerous features in common with the previous oven as well. These common features are removable interior door glass, interior lighting and a cooling fan. This fan assisted single oven gives users access to cooking applications such as variable grilling, fan grilling, bottom heat and fan assisted cooking, true to its naming. It door glass comes with a guarantee that lasts for five years. The oven itself, however, has a guarantee for two years.

The Lamona Single Conventional Oven

The Single Conventional Oven is a reliable and high-quality option for people who appreciate classic convenience and ease in the kitchen. It’s 567mm in depth, 594mm in width and 595mm in height. This stainless steel conventional oven has removable interior door glass, interior lighting and a cooling fan. It provides users with the ease of variable grilling and both bottom and top heating. This product can make a superb choice for people who are searching for ovens that are simple to clean and maintain well.

The Lamona Side Opening Oven

The Side Opening Oven, as its name reveals, conveniently opens from the side. It’s a single fan oven that’s 595mm tall, 567mm deep and 594mm wide. It’s equipped with various helpful features that make using it efficient and hassle-free. Some of these features are removable interior door glass, a LED programmable timer and a cooling fan. It provides users with cooking abilities such as defrosting, fan cooking, fan grilling and variable grilling. Its door glass guarantee lasts for five years. Its general guarantee, however, lasts for two years.

The Lamona Black Fan Oven

The Black Fan Oven lives up to its name. This single fan oven has a black exterior that’s classic, cool and subdued. It’s 595mm tall, 567mm deep and, lastly, 594mm wide. The oven’s many valuable features include a cooling fan, interior door glass that’s removable, interior lighting and a LED programmable clock. It provides people with useful cooking benefits such as defrosting, variable grilling, fan cooking and even fan grilling. It includes a guarantee for two years.