Verplas VVK483 Ducting Kit No 2 (Long 214) in White

by Verplas
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  • Rigid ducting kit with a cowl outlet and horizontal bend
  • Pack includes BAG01 3in x 3.25in plain resealable bag x 1, BOX11 die cut wrap (1000 x 273 x 123) x1, EK43 red wall plugs x 8, EK47 8Gx1S/tapper AB pan rec stl x 8, LFT046 leaflet for VVK483 (VVK314) x 1, P0032/102/35 102mm x 1m PVC hose x 1, VKC10 Sys100: threaded hose x 1, VKC12 Sys100: threaded hose x 1, VKC206 Sys100: rectangular wall plate x1, VKC235 Sys100: flat channel connector x 1, VKC236 Sys100: elbow bend female F/R x1, VKC238 Sys100: 90° horizontal bend F/R x1, VKC249 Sys100: 1m flat channel x2, VKC400W 100mm rectangular back white x1, VKC403W white cowl x1, VKC406W round flap white x1.
  • Dimensions: H 110 x W 54 x D 3000mm
  • Ducting Material: White Plastic
  • Verplas System 100

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