Milano Professional Pull Down Spray 3 Lever Triflow Tap Chrome (MIL33C)


Discover the Milano Professional Pull Down 3 Lever Triflow Chrome Kitchen Tap from Acquapuro. This Professional 3 Lever tap has a dedicated spout for filtered water and a swan neck spring spout with a shower spray for hot/cold.

The left lever is for hot water, right for cold and the middle lever is for filtered/unsoftened. The detachable spring spout end will ensure water can reach all the areas a normal tap cannot and with the press of a button deliver a shower spray for washing down.

This option does not include a drinking water filter system.

The Milano Professional 3 Lever kitchen tap is 100% Italian manufactured
and boasts the highest quality materials and craftsmanship with a beautifully elegant design.

This triflow tap is available in chrome and brushed steel.

‰ۢ Requires a minimum of 0.5 bar water pressure.

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