Lamona Touch Control Double Multi-Function Oven


Lamona Touch Control Double Multi-Function Oven


  • LED programmable clock/timer
  • Time delay cooking
  • Self-cleaning catalytic liners (roof, back and sides)
  • Cooling fan
  • Interior light
  • Removable inner door glass
  • H888mm x W594mm x D548mm
  • 2 year guarantee

Top oven

  • Cooking functions: fan cooking, bottom heat only, variable dual zone grill, fan grilling and defrost function

Main oven

  • Cooking functions: top and bottom heat, fan cooking, bot

A Convenient and Classic Multi-Function Oven

Dimensions & Features

A double multi-function oven can make taking care of your food preparation responsibilities much easier and more convenient.

Lamona Touch Control Double Multi-Function Oven LAM4602 Details

The Lamona Touch Control Double Multi-Function Oven is chock-full of interesting and user-friendly components. Size-wise, it's 888mm (height), 594mm (width) and 548mm (depth). Things that make this oven stand out include its time delay cooking, interior light, LED (Light Emitting Diode) programmable timer, cooling fan, removable interior door glass and helpful catalytic liners. These liners have the remarkable ability to clean themselves. They neatly line the sides, back and roof.

The primary oven is equipped with a bot and fan cooking. It has heat for the bottom and the top. The top oven offers a handful of cooking options. These include defrosting, fan grilling, fan cooking and, last but not least, a dual zone grill that's variable.

Lamona Product Warranties

This multi-function oven has an appearance that's simultaneously modern and timeless. It can work well in kitchen design schemes of all varieties. It can look beautiful in sparse and minimalistic kitchens. It can look just as beautiful in more detail-oriented ones, too. This product comes with a useful two year guarantee. If you buy this oven, you can choose between same day and next day delivery services.