IX Konekt Water Filter System for Acquapuro Taps (IXKO)


Coriandoli are proud to introduce our very own truly eco-friendly cartridge filter which offers refill technology and is made in Britain. It provides a genuinelyåÊsustainable and cost effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters already in the marketplace.

The IXKoneck uses the highest quality carbon block with added polyphosphateåÊcrystals for scale prevention, this guaranteesåÊcustomers will have great tasting drinking water at very reasonably priced.

This filter can be supplied with one of our mixers taps, or independently, as it has standard push fit connections.

Simple twist and unlock system with petented auto shut-off valve allows, quick, dry cartridge change.

The replacement filter is fully recyclable, at the of its lifeåÊmerely break down the cartridge and recycle the media in a responsible manner.‰ÛÜ

Substantial savings as only the cartridge needs replacing; the filteråÊhousing can be used tome and time again.

1 micron NSF carbon block removes Class 1 particulates, chlorine, cysts, pesticides, insecticides, detergentsåÊand other toxins.

Polyphosphate crystals prevent limescale formation giving clear drinking water.

High strength plastic housing which can withstand pressure over120 psi/ 8 bar.

NSF (USA). Sections 42 and 53 detail contaminants

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