Acquapuro Under Counter Chiller Unit (ACCU)


Acquapuro Under Counter Chiller Unit you can now benefit from drinking water dispensed at just above freezing straight from any of our Triflow Taps. Filter system not included.

This compact, discreet under-counter chiller unit uses ice bank technology which enables the supply of 15 litres per hour or a constant draw ofåÊ 3 litres.

This style of chiller has a smaller footprint than other models available meaning it uses less valuable storage space under the sink.

Performance - 15 litres per hour / 3 litres

Size - W260MM X D235mm X H405mm

Weight - 14kg

Power Consumption - 155W

Electrical Voltage - 220V- 240V

Electrical Power - 1 ph 50 HZ

Noise >70DB

Compressor Power 1.5HP