Acquapuro Sorrento 2 Lever 3 Way Tap

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Low; Sorrento 2 hot 5.12 l/m @ 0.5 bar. Sorrento 3 hot 5.10 l/m @ 0.5 bar Dual flow, dedicated aerators, Euro design
Sorrento 2: Left filtered/unsoftened, right hot & cold
Sorrento 3: Left hot, right cold, middle filtered/unsoftened

338mm high & 202mm reach

åÊMinimum pressure required: 0.5 bar.åÊ Suitable for pressurised and traditional gravity plumbing systems with a minimum 5.0 mtr head of water (16.5 ft).**
Flow: Hot & cold 5.10 l/m @ 0.5 bar.
Spout: Dual flow, two seperate aerators, euro design spout for filtered/RO/untreated and softened water,
Operation: left lever for hot and right lever for cold or both for mixed. MiddleåÊ lever for filtered/RO/untreated water.
Dimensions: 338mm high & 202mm reach
Connections: 3 x 400mm flexible hoses which can connect to both copper and compression fittings.
Guarantee: 5 year on mechanical components and 12 months on finish.
Available Finish: Chrome or Brushed Steel
This 3-way tap is suitable for reverse osmosis as well as filtered or untreated water through the separate spout outlet and 3rdåÊ flexitail connection.
Our Sorrento combines both the Euro look with functionality, it has a beautifully curved spout with two aerators at the end, one for hot and cold water, the other for filtered, R.O. or unsoftened water. This mixer is very trendy and will compliment any modern kitchen.

With regards operation, the left-hand lever on the Acquapuro Sorrento 2 operates the filtered/RO/unsoftened water, with the right-hand lever for both hot and cold via a standard blending cartridge.

Acquapuro Sorrento Taps

Acquapuro mixers are manufactured to a the highest standard using Kerox cartridges and Neoperl aerators.
All Acquapuro mixers have three individual connections, they can be used with both filters and water softeners.
All two lever mixers dispence filtered water from the left hand lever, with hot & cold being dispenced from the right. All products are supplied with 3 x 400mm flexible hoses which can connect to both copper and compression fittings. This collection of beautifully designed Italian manufactured three way mixers have been specially designed to provide customers with a wide variety of choice, all at very reasonable prices.