Acquapuro Monza Square 3 Way Kitchen Tap - Chrome


Italian manufactured by Acquapuro, the Monza is a modern 3 Lever, 3 Way kitchen tap with an angled swivel spout. The left lever gives you hot water, the right cold and the middle lever, filtered / unsoftened.

This 3 way kitchen tap can be used with a pressurised water system, or combination boiler hot, cold and filtered water.

Filter sold separately Eco 3 Single Water Filter & Housing System for Acquapuro Taps

  • Dual flow with drinking water in dedicated tube.
  • Quarter turn valve at the front
  • Non return valves
  • Flexible tails, 15 mm compression connection.
  • Requires a minimum of 0.5 bar pressure
  • 5 years warranty for parts 

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