Lamona Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic Hobs From Lamona, AEG, NEFF & Bosch

We stock a large range of top quality Lamona ceramic hobs, plus products from band name manufactures such as Bosch, NEFF and AEG. So if you want quality at an always low price – then you’ve made the right choice in visiting We Love Kitchens.

All orders come with next day or same day delivery, manufacturers guarantees and hassle free returns – and our online store is fully SSL encrypted so all your personal and financial details will always be kept safe. So what are you waiting for, shop now for your ideal ceramic hob.

Top-Quality Choices in Lamona Ceramic Hobs

Lamona is a widely known manufacturer that specialises in all kinds of attractive, contemporary and innovative kitchen appliances. The brand produces everything from fan ovens to ceramic sinks and beyond. It has many options in top-quality ceramic hobs as well. These ceramic hobs are all the definition of durable, strong and resilient. They can stand the test of time. They’re more than just powerful, too. That’s because they can also make great design additions to kitchens. They’re efficient, visually appealing and strong all at the same exact time.

Lamona Black Ceramic Hob

This ceramic hob has a cool and chic black appearance. Since it’s made out of ceramic glass, using it is simple and straightforward. Keeping it clean and fresh is a piece of cake, too. People can wipe this hob to maintain its tidy and inviting look. This product is perfect for people who appreciate speedy heating. This Lamona product can be terrific for people who have penchants for style. It’s extremely functional and reliable. It also happens to bring style to the table. It can help contribute to a kitchen design scheme that’s the ideal blend of modern, fresh and subtle. It’s not the type of appliance that commands too much attention.

Lamona 60cm Touch Control Ceramic Hob

This is a hob that does not come with a frame. It’s 590mm wide and 520mm deep. It’s equipped with four separate ‘Hi-lite’ cooking zones that offers maximum ease and convenience. It also has touch controls. It, like other ceramic hobs that are available through Lamona, comes with a hassle-free guarantee that lasts for two full years. If you want to buy a ceramic hob with peace of mind, these guarantees can help you do so.

Lamona 60cm Ceramic Hob Touch Control

This is yet another frameless hob that’s offered through Lamona. It’s a 60cm product that’s a bit larger than the other ones. It’s 770mm wide and 520mm deep, to be specific. This ceramic hob, as a result, can work beautifully in kitchens that are a little more spacious in design and layout. This ceramic hob has an extra Hi-lite cooking zone as well. Although the other Lamona ceramic hobs have four cooking zones, this one has five of them. It has a dual zone, too. This kitchen appliance is a lot like many other Lamona products out there. It has an appearance that’s simultaneously simplistic and elegant. It can work seamlessly in kitchens that look traditional and old-fashioned. It, at the same time, can blend in practically effortlessly in kitchens that are decidedly more modern. It can even work beautifully in kitchens that are on the futuristic side, believe it or not.

Lamona Ceramic Hobs, Product Guarantees and Speedy Shipping

The ceramic hobs that are accessible through Lamona often come with guarantees that are good for two full years. If you want to purchase a ceramic hob without any second guessing yourself, this convenience can come in handy. These guarantees can safeguard purchasers from all kinds of situations. If you don’t want to have to worry about potential issues with the operation of your ceramic hob, a guarantee can get you on the right track. Speedy shipping is accessible to people who purchase Lamona hobs, too. If you want to receive your Lamona ceramic hob quickly, you can opt for the ease of dependable same day shipping. Same day shipping, as its name suggests, enables people to get their appliances on the same exact day. If you’re planning a big dinner with close friends and family, this speed can come in extremely handy.

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