AEG + Lamona Microwaves

If you’re on the look out for a great looking, feature packed microwave then you’re in luck.

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Multifunctional Microwave Ovens From Lamona, AEG, Bosch, Neff

Highlights from our collection…

Lamona Touch Control Integrated Combination Microwave


Stainless steel gives the first microwave a sleek, attractive appearance and makes it neutral to fit in with most kitchen designs. The interior is also stainless steel to make it more durable.

Easy to Use Lamona Microwaves

This model features a clear LED display, seven clearly-marked push buttons and a rotary control for setting cooking time. Another button controls the left-opening door.


With 8 automatic cooking levels, defrost, five power levels, cooling fan, and programmable clock/timer, this microwave offers multiple functions to please everyone. It’s easy to tailor the cooking cycle to whatever dish you’re preparing.

Grilling Option

For those who love grilling, it also provides five grill levels.

Space Saving Design

With a height of 460 mm, a width of 594 mm, and a space-saving depth of 387 mm, this model will fit into the wall of even the smallest kitchen.

Lamona Touch Control Combination Microwave


The stainless steel and black design give this model a modern look. The red LED touchscreen control gives a multitude of functions right at your fingertips, with 9 preset automatic cooking programs and 10 power levels that go all the way up to 1000 Watts.


This model is a microwave and conventional oven all in one package. The conventional oven feature allows for baking and comes with top and bottom heating. The Lamona Touch Control is so easy to use; it even has a preset program for cooking pizza. The assisted cooking setting automatically sets the temperature and duration of heat to cook food to perfection. With a touch of the screen it becomes a microwave with multiple cooking options. It also has three grilling power levels.

Space Saving Design

At a height of 456 mm, a width of 595 mm, and a depth of 565 mm, this wall-fitted multifunctional model saves space in the kitchen.

The bottom line is these two microwaves provide versatility and function, as well as sleek good looks, in the kitchen. Both also come with a two-year guarantee for customer satisfaction.

Worth a special mention…

Lamona Wall Unit Microwave

This microwave has an LED display and push buttons on top. With four power levels that go up to 750W, this model provides one-touch cooking and defrost. It has a programmable clock timer, minute timer, and 90-degree hinge for better access.

The black and stainless steel design give it a modern look. At 382mm high, 595mm wide, and 320m deep, this model is an excellent fit for smaller kitchens.

Lamona Touch Controlled Combination Microwave

Another versatile touch control model, this microwave oven has a drop down door, true fan cooking, variable grilling, and 10 power levels. The oven feature gives the option of using top and bottom heat or bottom heat only. The height is 455mm, width 594mm, and depth 567mm.

This model comes in black and has grilling features, 5 power levels up to 900W (with a grill power level up to 1000W), 6 automatic cooking programs, 2 automatic defrost settings and 2 grill racks.

The programmable clock/timer has a LED display for easy reading. This model comes in an attractive stainless steel and black design. The size is 459mm high, 594mm wide, and 405mm deep. The fact that the microwave oven is a wall unit means that precious counter space is saved.