AEG & Lamona Double Ovens

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Durable and Modern AEG & Lamona Double Ovens

Double ovens can be amazing for people who want to be able to cook numerous different dishes simultaneously. If you’re a fan of multitasking and convenience in general, Lamona is a highly regarded appliance manufacturer that can help you. This brand provides consumers with various reliable choices in double ovens. Lamona has a Double Multi-Function Oven with Touch Control. It has a Built-in Double Fan Oven. It has a Built-in Double Oven. The options are numerous..

Lamona Double Oven Size Considerations

You should always carefully consider double oven size before committing to making a purchase. You can find Lamona double ovens that are 888mm tall, 548mm deep and 594mm wide. You can find Lamona double ovens that are 890mm tall, 567mm deep and 594mm wide, too.

Notable Lamona Double Oven Features

It’s always important to review double oven features beforehand. Lamona produces double ovens that include many great features. Feature options include inside door glass that’s removable, triple glazed doors, interior lighting, time delay cooking and cooling fans. They often even include catalytic liners that are able to clean themselves. If you want a Lamona double oven, you can receive it rapidly thanks to same day delivery.

Lamona Double Ovens With Many Convenient Features

Some Highlights From Our Collection…

The Lamona Touch Control Double Multi-Function Oven

Lamona is a respected manufacturer that specialises in all kinds of modern, efficient and sleek kitchen appliances. The brand’s Touch Control Double Multi-Function Oven is a great example of a double oven that can simplify meal preparation duties for people substantially. The primary oven offers fan cooking and bottom and top heat. The upper oven offers defrosting, fan cooking, fan grilling and a dual zone grill.

Other notable features that are part of this attractive double oven are a cooling fan, time delay cooking, an interior light and catalytic liners that are 100 percent self-cleaning. If you’re on the lookout for a contemporary and sturdy double oven that can help you take on multiple cooking needs all at once, this appliance can do the trick.

The Lamona Built-Under Double Fan Oven

Fan ovens have many loyal enthusiasts on their side. These ovens, in brief, consist of fans that offer air circulation. If you want to combine the conveniences of fan ovens and double ovens, you can’t top this Lamona offering. The Built-Under Double Fan Oven’s main oven has a cooling fan, defrosting and fan cooking abilities. Its top oven has a variable grill and bottom and top heat. People who invest in this double fan oven can reap the benefits of features such as interior lighting, a cooling fan and a LED (Light Emitting Diode) programmable clock. Its inner door glass is removable as well..

The Lamona Built-In Double Oven

The Built-In Double Oven is another big favourite among people who care about optimal convenience in the kitchen. This double oven is 890mm tall, 594mm wide and 567mm deep. Its main oven has an interior light, cooling fan and defrosting and fan cooking abilities. Its upper oven has a variable grill. Other strong features that make this built-in double oven stand out are a triple glazed door, an interior light, time delay cooking and a cooling fan. People can take out its inner door glass as they wish, too.

The Lamona Touch Control Built Under Double Multi-Function Oven

The Lamona (LAM4403) Touch Control Built Under Double Multi-Function Oven is a dream for people who want to take advantage of user-friendly features including an interior light, a cooling fan, a double glazed door and, last but not least, time delay cooking. Its main oven offers defrosting, fan grilling and fan cooking. Time delay cooking enables people to established delayed cooking times. This feature can do a lot for people who periodically need to leave their kitchens to handle other household responsibilities and tasks. If you want to invest in a multi-function oven that genuinely lives up to its name, this Lamona powerhouse may just be the one.